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Wangan Township Office

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Wangan Township Office-Penghu County

Wangan Township Office-Penghu County

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Chief of the Township
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Chief: Hsu, Hsien-Te

​Service Hotline:

Direct Line 06-9991056

Extension 06-9991311 ext. 10

Message from the Chief

Wangan Township features a rich and unique blessed natural landscape as well as wonderful historical humanistic resources, such as the spectacular basalt view at Tien-Tai Mountain, the historic relic Yuan-Yang Cave, the artistic architectural legacies at the Chung-She Old House, the special terrain at the Carp Mountain and the fisher-village atmosphere at Chiang-Chung Ou. You can enjoy all of these natural and humanistic sites that are more than impressive. In addition, the pure un-polluted ocean and the sand beach form the best location for green sea turtles to lay their eggs. To protect the rare species, the township has specifically established the “Conservation Center and Exhibition Hall for Green Sea Turtles, Wangan Township, Peng-Hu County” for the purposes of conservation and promotion.

We sincerely invite those who enjoy the passionate sunshine to come and experience both the ecological and humanistic uniqueness, and bring more joyful memories back from your journey.